Copywriter ahoy!

I would like to be a copywriter, since my time is extremely limited. I work full time and am a full time student with eighteen hours of coursework. I feel that as a copywriter, it would allow me to schedule things out ahead of time, so I could take care of the work efficiently, while writing quality pieces.

I have extensive experience with writing, having been president of the writer’s circle in high school, as well as Editor-In-Chief of our high school Literary Magazine. However, over the course of my university career, I also have had a great deal of experience with writing, both in the academic and professional world.

Since my freshman year, I have been taking level 300 courses, and I have been doing various blogging projects, both in class and on a personal level. I am also Opinions Editor of the GSU Signal newspaper, and spent a semester as Web Editor for the Signal, so I feel that I am well suited to the position of copywriting.

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