Thomas Clark, a Statement of Interest

I, Thomas Clark, would like to work on either the Whitefoord Community, or the Moving in the Spirit project. I think I may serve the project best as Creative Designer because I have an obsessive attention to detail. I typically spend a great deal of time trying to work out the details in the overall appearance of any multimodal project I work on. I’ll also spend time picking through the language of the copy to make sure we have a cohesive and unified text. I’d say I’m pretty good at dissecting the details, whether it be my words or another’s, but really it’s more of a compulsion. I’ll notice something and feel the need to change it until it sounds/looks/works just right.

The reason I’ve chosen Creative Designer is that I feel confident in my abilities to use certain programs with which I’m familiar, but also to learn something new. I’d also like to hone my designing skills.

As a team member I’m excellent at starting and working on the project on my own. I also know the importance of collaborating as well as helping others for our common goal.

As Creative Designer I would oversee the document’s design and how it works as a whole. I’m confident in my capacity to work with others to agree on how the document should ultimately look/work, and I’d also like to help in the writing process. To, me this position would involve a fair amount of editing and working out the details of the design but I also understand that I will need to work directly with others to make the document meet our goal.

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