Blog Post #5- Researcher

I am interested in the role of researcher as I have experience in both gathering data and information and presenting it. I have successfully* completed research as an intern at State Farm and I have presented on what I learned to an audience of my peers.  I have also been a university research assistant at GSU since my freshman year. As a University Assistant, I work in teams of two and six handling both quantitative and qualitative data, and we are on track to present our research at GSURC (Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference) in the spring.

In regards to availability, I check my email and phone messages often and can easily commute to campus for a scheduled meeting. I have never been late to our class (punctuality), I am a second year Junior (focused), and I am a committed to our successful completion of this project that will result no only in a A but in deliverables that are deemed exemplary by the not-for-profits we will work with.

Rwanda Smith

*I received an A on my senior project, positive reviews from my mentor, and was offered a job by the agent at State Farm (in Virginia) where I worked until I moved to Georgia to attend GSU.

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