Blog #5: Statement of Interest

Role Choice: Project Manager

For this project, I am interested of the role of project manager.


For starters, I am a CIS major with a specialization in IT project management. I am a senior, so I have a lot of experience with group projects and I also have an internship related to my major. Hopefully this means I am a good project manager since I will be graduating soon!

I also have some experience with managing people in the real world. Recently, we had and still have a huge IT project at work. Since I work for the IT department, one of my jobs was to collect all of the data that had to be manually entered into the system, split it up among about 15 people, explain to everyone their role in the project, and keep tabs on their progress. Since I was successful in managing this, I think I would also be successful managing this class project.


I would like to think I embody all of the attributes listed in the blog prompt. I am extremely organized, reliable, and always punctual (usually early). I also think I am approachable and a good communicator. I get along well with many different types of people and I just love talking to people in general. As a leader, I am able to distribute work to people, help others with their work, and do my own share of the work as well.


I am always just a text or email away. I also work in the Georgia Pacific building (which is practically on campus) which means I am always on campus from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, either for class or work. My job is extremely understanding of my class work, so I could always step out to meet with my team on any day during these times.

Oh, and my name is Lauren Taronji 🙂

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