Blog #5: Statement of Interest

For the project we are undertaking in applying our technical knowledge acquired through our coursework in technical communication I am interested in assuming the role of a researcher. Being a very well read and communicatively proficient individual, I have the ability to communicate complex ideology and information in a straight-forward approach easily understandable by my desired audience. I can recollect various information at a moments notice making me the ideal candidate for this position. My qualifications for this position include over three years of experience in philosophical text analyzation and regurgitation through the written form of communication modality. I currently have an Associate’s of Arts degree in philosophy from Georgia Perimeter College which shows my dedication to my degree as well as my previous accomplishments in the college atmosphere.

Time for me is a key factor in my decision to apply for the role of a researcher instead of the role as a project manager. I do have 6 months of management experience at a local health club in Atlanta named Athletic Club Northeast as well as the necessary faculties to be able to assume the role of Project manager, but I do not have the necessary amount of time available for this position. The reasons I do not have the ability to assume the role of project manager are the fact that not only am I full time student working at the senior level of my degree in philosophy which includes rigorous coursework as compared to the previous class levels, but also when I am not spending my time studying or completing assignments for college I am working as a server. It would have been an honor to guide a group of people in this journey we will depart on in technical communication, but I simply do not have the time or resources to assume such a role. Therefore, I will repeat my desire for the role of a researcher or at very least a copywriter. Thank you.


Tyler Chambers

[EDIT: In the event that no other individuals interested in assuming the role of a project manager come forward, I would be open to the idea of assuming the role of a Project Manager. There has been a history of Project Management in my family and I have the previous experience working in a management positions. Similarly, Socrates believed that philosophers should always assume leadership roles because of their acquired wisdom and judgement and I am inclined to agree with him in this particular situation.]

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  1. Wait a minute buddy! We don’t know if Socrates said that or not, we don’t have any of his writings. For all we know, Plato lied when he said Socrates said that….AGAIN (I read The Republic)! Furthermore, If I were your copyeditor, I would make sure you used commas in front of the appropriate coordinating conjunctions. But great choice choosing to be a philosophy major.

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