Showing Off or Showing Your Stuff

Graphic designers, musicians for hire, artists, freelancers, and creative-types of all sorts are creating visually appealing nontraditional résumés that make great impressions on list sites and magazine articles, but how well do they perform as tools for landing a great job? Some of these graphic designers need a creative résumé just to get noticed, but some of the other types of nontraditional résumés out there might be too cute for their own good.

Employers may take a look at a nontraditional  résumé and deem the applicant creative, but not ideal for the job. Some employers may even think that the applicant may expect a higher wage than they want to pay.

There has to be an acceptable situation for submitting an artistic and creative résumé. For example, an applicant who wants to use a custom-made nontraditional résumé may find a better audience at a convention or conference where they might meet employers in person before submitting their résumés as opposed to more conventional submission such as mail or electronic submission.

I found this interesting résumé which fits in a pants pocket, is comprised of multiple, visually appealing pages. Its a creative fascicle résumé of sorts.

This individual could pass out this résumé at a conference or convention and enjoy the advantage of an informal meeting as well as seeing a potential employer’s immediate interest upon flipping through this résumé/mini portfolio.

A highly creative, nontraditional résumé might not work so successfully if employers perceive the document as self-important. Employers may be looking for a good team member instead of an all-star and if a highly talented individual crosses the line between professionalism and showing off, his or her résumé could prove  a disadvantage.

I found this interesting ‘prezume’ which uses Prezi’s storytelling qualities to communicate this woman’s value, experience, skills, interests, and goals without appearing self-praising. She uses terse and concise language to articulate her value but also uses a video, photographs, and slides dedicated to showcasing her accomplishments. Her Prezi communicates that she is accomplished, well educated, professional, and creative.


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