Is Your Resume Working for You?

In the 2014, the question of whether the traditional black and white  one page resume is still relevant or not. In the age of technology many would find it odd that over 80% of jobs are not posted or advertised online (Nishi, Dennis. “Take Your Job Search Offline.” Wall Street Journal). Displaying creativity using technology for professional purposes is a no-brainier.  No matter what industry of work you are seeking as a professional having an online presence is vital to your success. To answer the question of whether or not the traditional resume is best for you varies greatly on what you are after.


The key to properly answering this question as an individual is to know the industry you are pursuing. Every job is different so understanding the culture of the organization  you are seeking employment with is vital. For example someone seeking a job in a policy related background would want to depict themselves as someone who is professional, educated, and researched focused. One that is seeking employment in the policy field would be expected to know that flashy websites and short videos are not the proper methods used to communicate such skills.  A standard resume when interviewing as well as a detail oriented LinkedIn page such as this are sufficient.

For the creatives and “consultants” of the world the more graphic approach would be the better alternative. For example someone looking to brand themselves as a marketing consultant would want to want to be searchable and reassuring to perspective clients. A website such as this is a great example and method to assist in showing an employer who you are.

Professionals should be cautious of the thin line between innovative and inappropriate as seen here . In this video dedicated to Google, the young man was able to showcase his personality, unfortunately was not interviewing to be a TV or radio personality. He failed to display why he would be the ideal candidate to work for Google. He spent the majority of his four minutes displaying his sense of humor and plugged in an ask of a phone call and fifteen minutes of their time before signing off. While he did think outside of the box rather emailing a copy of his resume he missed the target. There are times when a choice such as this could lead to a greater opportunity but is it truly worth the risk? That’s for you to decide.

The advantages of a digital resume are; they show your progression, display your creativity, shows your trendiness, and allows you to personalize your work ( ).

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