Blog Project 3: Traditional resumes “dying” in 2014?

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Nowadays, there are numerous careers that can search your name with just one click. It gives them access to your personal Facebook, twitter, and Instagram accounts without your consent. Still regret that bikini photo in Destin, Florida yet? We all know the saying “whatever you delate will remain forever on the web” giving employers access to information on just one person. So, how does it relate to traditional resumes? The differences between traditional and non traditional differ on peoples’ views. I know from personal experiences that some jobs still require traditional resumes, on top of, your non traditional one. The persons’ personality reflects their resume.  Moreover, the question arises with “are traditional resumes dying in 2014 and beyond?”

Lets dive right into a traditional bland resume…

resume desgin 2 boring

Obviously, John Doe is applying for a business, law, or medical field right? This resume lacks creativity, but it creates a sense of easiness on the employer (i.e. business, law, or medical) viewing the document. Now lets say that I am a Public Relations director looking for a position based on creativity and social media skills, would John Doe land the job based on the skills I need? The answer would be no. His resume lacks color, and his resume has too many words for a Public Relations director to read.

Lets dive into a creative resume…

resume design google

Obviously, Eric Gandhi is applying to Google (Laya 2011). Are you wondering if he landed the job? Of course he did! His resume shows creativity and technology skills that Google needs. He created a resume based on Google’s layout, and he linked it through Google search engine.  See the difference between the two resumes?

On the other hand, how does traditional resumes reflect 2014 today? Do you use Microsoft word for resume creation? Or do you use creativity in making a resume online? Some people prefer both in using paper and LinkedIn (being the most popular among companies).  Here are some examples of online resumes:

  • Video resumes
  • Visual CV
  • Social resume
  • Linkedln Proflie
  • Personal Websites

(Source: Lauby 2010)

In my opinion, your resume should reflect your personality and career preferences. Your career choice being number one. I’ll give you an example on career choice based on my degree. My dream job is to work at Turner Broadcasting for Adult Swim (TV program that appears on Cartoon Network late at night for 18 and older audiences). Based on recent interactions with employees who work in that field, your resume should be very creative. Meaning, that a resume should stand out among the bunch in black and white. I’ve heard stories of the HR department receiving beers with a person’s resume on it, or receiving pizza with a resume on the box. Its the concept of “making yourself stand out among the rest. ” This particular department is also based on the concept on “being yourself”.

Moreover, what are your opinions? Are traditional resumes dying out? Has the new age taken over traditional resume with online ones? Would you prefer an employer looking at your Facebook page vs. your LinkedIn page? Everyone has mixed answers on the subject.  “So, to use boxing parlance, it feels to me like the traditional resume is “on the ropes,” down if not yet out. Bleeding badly from a cut above the eye. In a weakened diminished state. Going into the 12th round, which would you bet on: large amounts of social media data or “two pages of crafty wording”?” (Lipman 2013).

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