Blog #3: Resumes in a Digital World

    We live in a digital world in which the traditional resume is no longer sufficient enough. Digital resumes such as professional online profiles, video resumes, and animations are beginning to replace traditional, paper resumes. The benefit that comes along with digital resumes is the opportunity for job seekers to use their creativity to make themselves stand out. In this highly competitive job market, it is important that we utilize our resources and keep up with our peers by creating digital resumes.

    Personally, I will be graduating college very soon, and entering the workforce. The way I present myself professionally will affect my job search, therefore, I must begin considering my professional presence and the ways I can stand out from other applicants. I want to present myself as a driven and hard-working individual. Therefore, I will emphasize that I have had a full time job while attending college and maintaining a high GPA. I would also like to present myself as an outgoing person that can easily adapt to various settings and social situations. I will do this by explaining the diversity I have experienced and adapted to while in college.

    I will distinguish myself from others by using a non-traditional format for my resume. I will use a QR code that will be linked to my Linkedin profile, because using a QR code will grab the attention of hiring managers. A QR code is an efficient way to save time, because it can conveniently lead straight to my profile instead of requiring employers to search for my profile. Also, using a QR code will help me appear innovative and forward-thinking. Although QR codes have been around for a few years, they’re still considered cool and tech savvy.

Here’s an example of a clever QR code resume:

    I will also attempt to distinguish myself by creating a video resume. Unlike the video we watched in class, I won’t include text in the video. Instead, I will record myself discussing my education, qualifications, and communications skills. I am hoping to use the video to demonstrate that I am friendly, charismatic, and comfortable with speaking to people.

Here’s an example of a great video resume:



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