Beyond the Resume

In the modern age, traditional methods of communication are being pushed out of the mainstream. The traditional resume is slowly become obsolete in many areas of employment. This is not to say that the traditional resume is not appreciated and functional in some ares of employment that are still attempting to hold true to the dated method.

It seems to be, that within some companies and agencies the type of resume that is seen as acceptable and appropriate depends on the specific job that is being applied for.  For example, at Turner Broadcasting, a applicant seeking a creative position in, say, Cartoon Network, would probably want to take a more alternative and creative design route when preparing a resume.  This are


examples to consider for such a position. If the applicant’s intention leans toward a creative position, a traditional resume will not express an understanding and ability to work in such an environment.

With that being said, I recently spoke to a manager at Encompass Digital Media regarding general hiring and resume expectations. It is expected that the applicant present the information in the most appealing way possible (creative and alternative if appropriate); however, a more traditional approach (be that paper or online resumes) should be presented in order to show flexibility but also professionalism.  It is considered that an online version of a more traditional resume and professional based online present means the applicant is both suitable for consideration and technologically updated. For this particular employment, it is important to be able to interweave both traditional and alternative methods of resume building.


When considering my own resume, I lean more toward a profession online present that follows a more traditional approach to the format. My employment interested follows more closely with employers that would be searching for clear-cut professionalize and less creative alternatives. I do concede to the idea that online versions are more effective and visible. The most impressive resume that I would consider for my own purposes would be the VisualCV. It allows for multimodal communications. This would allow me to have greater control and guidance of the communications with the potential employer. The VisualCV still presents a professional overview of the information, but also allows for sound, charts, and clips to be added. This would make the resume stand out and communicate a great deal more information than the traditional paper based document.

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