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Hello! Welcome to this new blog!

I’m Ness Creighton, a new recipient of the Student Innovation Fellowship for the 2015-16 academic year. I am a PhD candidate from the Department of History, who specializes in the early modern silk trade. I consider myself a material culture historian with a strong background in economic, social, and technological history. Most of my current work focuses around the English/British silk trade and the relation it had to other European silk trades in the mid-17th century. My undergraduate degrees are in Computer Information Systems and Philosophy, while my masters is in Philosophy. The change of disciplines has been more organic than it might appear at first, trust me!

I’ve previously been a podcaster, working for WCRadio, OMFGFM, TauRadio, and independently. I was the cohost of the Ancient of Lore, The Lorekeepers, and The Council of Six, a frequent guest host on Shuffletime, and host of The Abstract Polygon. All of these can be found in various nooks and corners of the web.

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