Tips & Tricks for UK Travel
Hello, Newcastle travelers! Listing is one of my preferred ways to prepare for a long journey. Based on some of the UK and EU travel I've done, and much viewing of the "Bob Ross of travel" (i.e., Rick Steves, a US-EU travel writer), I've compiled (More)
Welcome to Your Opportunity to Create Your Own Blog
Georgia State University (GSU) offers us sites.gsu.edu. Sites is part of Edublogs' CampusPress product, tagline: "WordPress for Edu (More)
3 New Website Design Tips I've Learned
1) On your website, it is important to not have any dead end pages. You don't want your viewers to run into a situation where they have nowhere else to navigate on your site.  At minimum, every page on your website should at least have a link back to (More)
Useful Resume Resource
When exploring the various resume resources provided, I found the facts about resumes on dailywritingtips.com to be the most helpful for me. This site contains 44 simple facts that you should keep in mind when writing your resume. The article mention (More)
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