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Gamification of Learning
Thinking back to educational experiences, one may argue that the most memorable aspects was when the typical class was instead, made a “game day, board game day” or something similar. Nowadays, board games have went to the wayside as video game adopt (More)
Reflection 2
From about the midterm on, I have started to understand the concepts required to effectively build courses with instructional design in consideration.  In doing so I have started to learn the proper terminology instead of using a generalized te (More)
Reflection #2
This has been a very eye-opening semester with regards to learning about Instructional Design and Technology. I feel like I have done a lot of my learning through the readings and more importantly, by doing the class assignments. Each activity has p (More)
Reflection 2
As I reflect on my experience in this class, I can't help but to think about how COVID-19 affected my role in my career. As a middle school teacher, I've always used my online course page as an aid for students to remediate and practice on as they c (More)
Reflection 2: An Overview of the Semester
This semester has been unprecedented and challenging. COVID-19 prompted Georgia State to close for two weeks and shift the learning to the online modality. The experience has led to numerous required alterations to instructional schedules and curric (More)
Reflection Paper #2
Reflection Paper 2             My expectations for the continued reading were to learn more about the process of instructional design and look at the other points of The Essential Triangle of In (More)
Reflection 2: An Unexpected Bump in the Road that Took Me from Knowledge to Practice
As hard as I try, I cannot separate my experiences in life as a result of taking LT7100 from my experiences being quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic and going online to teach mathematics courses at a USG institution.  Although I have, ove (More)
Reflection Paper #2
The readings in the Design Performance and Instructional Systems course have been instrumental in increasing my understanding of instructional design, specifically assessment and evaluation. In the text, Real World Instructional Design, the chapter (More)
Reflection #2- M. Thomas
The readings from the second half of this course have been very enlightening, which has been a nice change of pace for a time when our daily norm has completed shifted. I have enjoyed reading the chapters in the textbook and the suppl (More)
Reflection #2: The Communication Emphasis in Instructional Design
When learning new material, it is natural to focus on the elements that interest and excite us the most; this bolsters engagement while also improving the odds of material actually being retained. Having received my undergraduate degree in communica (More)
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