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A Different Type of "Dear Student" Letter
Photo credit:  Neel on Unsplash This school year, some GSU Perimeter faculty have been participating in a CE (More)
낭만닥터 김사부 Reflection
먼저 이 드라마에 연기력이 마음에 들어요. 인물들 도 다양해요. 내용이 충실충실해요. 드라마의 각본이 잘 준비되어서 인상적이에요 아시아 사회를 부각시키고 한국문화에 대해서 개인적으로 강조해요. 인물들은 계층에 대해 상반되고 드라마가 굉장히 특별 해요. For example, 돌담병원 is a contrast to 거대병원 where 돌담 is just a micro-hospital but they have to handle (More)
이태원 클라쓰 Reflection
조이서는 아주 이성적인 사람이라고 생각해요. Jo Yi-seo is so talented and she became my favourite character in this story 박 새로이 캐릭터 는 자기 소신 때문에 고집 이 센 사람 이에요. Park Sae-ro-yi character seems stubborn with his belief 사회 계급 때문에, 권력 과 지위 가 있는 사람 이 항상 더 유리한 편 이에요.Becau (More)
사랑의 불시착 Reflection
드라마는 남한과 북한 예쁜 장소 뿐만아나라 스위스도  보여 줬어요 이 드라마는 다른두사회 를묘사해요 (the society in this drama looks like two different paintings.  생활과 문화, 사투리에 차별점이 많아요 ( There's a lot of differentiation between daily life and cultural, language). 예를 들어 한국에는 (More)
Writing Reflection-Lielle Porat
When I came into this semester it was a long time since I had been in an English writing class. I came had just come back from a gap year in Israel and writing seemed knew even though it was not for me. I dived in college where I first learned about (More)
The Reflection in the Mirror
 La Perla, also know as La Universidad (the University), w (More)
Developing Metacognitive Skills in a Math Class
by Lynda Cain (lcain3@gsu.edu), Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Georgia State University's Perimeter College, and Marjorie Lewkowicz (mlewkowicz1@gsu.edu), Professor of Mathematics, Georgia State University's Perimeter College During the Summe (More)
Reflection 2
As I reflect on my experience in this class, I can't help but to think about how COVID-19 affected my role in my career. As a middle school teacher, I've always used my online course page as an aid for students to remediate and practice on as they c (More)
Reflection Paper #2
Reflection Paper 2             My expectations for the continued reading were to learn more about the process of instructional design and look at the other points of The Essential Triangle of In (More)
Reflection #2: Pandemic Planning for Instructional Designers
Through the curriculum of LT7100, the textbook and accompanying articles have been extremely valuable in providing background and foundational essentials to instructional design (ID) students. I appreciate the historical context of major development (More)
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