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Memes Memes Memes/Genes Genes Genes
In my composition 2 class, I have tasked my students with completing an assignment I added to the Guide to First-Year Writing's Chapter 7 on Writing about Visual Images. Each student has to create a blog in which they create three memes using only th (More)
Political Post Meme
Last week in class, we discussed and looked at the current political atmosphere as we get closer to the election. Throughout this election, there have been many people complaining about the candidates and how they don't want to vote for either of the (More)
Yet Another Relevant Meme
Political Meme Classprep
Presidential Election Meme
Homelessness Meme
Political Meme
This meme represents how unpopular both of the candidates of the major parties are for this election. For the first time, both the can (More)
Meme: Presidential Election
This meme addresses issues of gender in the current presidential election; greater criticism exits regarding Clinton's attire. (More)
Political Meme (Class Prep)
This meme reminded me of the campaign ad Miranda showed for Hillary Clinton where the father of a Muslim soldier asked Trump if his so (More)
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