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Built Environment Description 1: Ponce City Market
Ponce City Market, a mixed-use development, located on Ponce de Leon Avenue, embodies Atlanta's revitalization. With over a mil (More)
99 (Plus) Bottles of Beer on the Wall...
99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall... If one of those bottles should happen to fall, 98 bottles of beer on the wall... One of the side effects of having immersed mys (More)
Atlanta Daily World
I nearly missed this important landmark on my trip. A little hole in the wall, the Atlanta Daily World is one of the (More)
My Visit to Pickett's Mill Historic Site
Recently I had the opportunity to visit a historic site close to home, Pickett’s Mill, a preserved Civil War battlefiel (More)
Slave Demographic from 1790 to 1860
This collection of maps shows the change in population of slaves from 1790 to 1860 in the United States. I used Social Explorer, which takes United States census data and creates maps based on different demographics, to analyze the movement of sl (More)
Information Along the Way
While walking down Auburn Avenue, I almost missed some of these insightful placards. Scattered along the street are s (More)
Built Environment Description 1: Ebenezer Baptist Church
For my built environment description, I chose to visit the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church on the corner of Auburn Avenue and Jackson Street Northeast. I went on a Friday afternoon around 2:00. This was not the original building for the services of (More)
(H) Built Environment Description
This painting of Martin Luther King Jr. is hanging on the wall in the lobby of the church building to the right of the entrance. Seeing (More)
Memories on the March
Tucked in a corner, near the narrow hallway leading from the second dining area and bar to the kitchen in Manuel's Tavern is a framed copy of the front page of Creative Loafing, from April of 1999. To a passing observer unfamiliar with Inman Park, Vi (More)
(H)Built Environment Description
Visit: September 16, 2016 (Friday) These two images show the exterior of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church on Auburn Avenue. The build (More)
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