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History of Automation/AI in Workplace:
The idea of AI actually originates from ancient Greece. However, without working machines and computers, those ideas could not be translated into real-world automation. So, despite what you might have read elsewhere, the true history of automation st (More)
Drum Dream Girl
  Book: Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl's Courage Changed Music Author: Margarita Engle Illustrator: Rafael López Book Summary: More)
I am Harriet Tubman
I Am Harriet Tubman By: Brad Meltzer Illustrated By: Christopher Eliopoulos I Am Ha (More)
The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read
By Rita Lorraine Hubbard & Oge Mora Imagine learning to read at the age of 116! Discover the true story of Mary Walker, the nation’s oldest student who did just that, in this picture book from a Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator and a ri (More)
Senior High School(Senior High School)
In urban areas, senior high schools are more popular because most families want their children to go to college for higher education. Usually, students need to get good grades in the middle school entrance examination to enter key high schools. As in (More)
Hello World!
Welcome to The Silicon Road. This is an internet archive for several oral histories recorded in order to showcase the experiences of individuals who experienced the birth of an industry that would go onto alter the very way most people live their (More)
Brains behind the lands
There are a few sole proprietors for infamous french gardens that bring thousands of visitors to its luxurious steps. One of the more famous and highly revered gardeners was Andre Le Nôtre who became known as the gardener who created the Garden of Ve (More)
ASL Resources
Hey, Interpreters!!! So just to provide you guys with a few online resources for sign language, YouTube has a few playlist that involves subjects that range from Deaf Gain, Black ASL, Proximalization, and many different vocabulary. These are three th (More)
The Age of Preservation and Revival of Atlanta's Downtown
The growth that Atlanta's downtown area has experienced in the 2 short years that I have lived here is immense. It makes you truly wonder how such an established city can drastically change over time, especially when Atlanta, being one of the older l (More)
Signage: Historic Marker
The historic marker details the history of the cemetery, and its cultural significance to the city of Atlanta. The sign objectively characterizes the history and role of the cemetery, without any reaction to the segregation of races. There is a recur (More)
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