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Alcohol Prevention Strategies: Needed for Both men and Women
    Excessive alcohol use is responsible for approximately 88,000 deaths in the united states each year and $249 billion in economic costs in 2010. Exce (More)
The Culture of Abstaining From Alcohol
“Abstinence [from alcohol] was found to be associated with a staggering 45 per cent higher risk of de (More)
Alcohol Harm in Women
The harm alcohol can cause women has been proven, but it is still widely unknown amongst people, hence, the growing amount of women who are consuming alcohol. Because women’s bodies absorb more alcohol than men, it takes a longer time for the body to (More)
One Shot of Sober Curious, Please.
The Beginnings There is a new trend taking off and it will leave you in the dust if you do not catch on: The Sober Curious movement. In a nutshell, “sober curious” or “sober sometimes” means when an individual has consumed alcohol in the past and do (More)
Do we need to consider gender differences when developing prevention strategies for excessive alcohol consumption?
The negative consequences of alcohol consumption are harmful to both men and women. This could not be overstated, as there are numerous studies in the literat (More)
Ending Excessive Alcohol Use - Do Some Methods Work Better for Women?
Alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable death in America - right be (More)
Sober Curious: A Night Life Alternative
 Consuming alcohol has almost become synonymous with going out on the weekend with your friends especially if the pre-determined meeting location is a bar. The situation usually plays out by one friend getting there earlier, and ordering a drink (More)
Raising awareness on the harms of alcohol for women
Alcohol is know to have it's dangers; from developmental delays if exposed too young, to lowered inhibitions often leading to risky behaviors, the harms it can cause are no secret, and often seen as worth it for the relaxation a small drink can bring (More)
Alcohol consumption causes breast cancer: Did you know?
It is clear that many women still don’t know about the harm alcohol can cause, including breast cancer. How can we better disseminate these messages? Unfortunately, there are several women and girls who are not aware of the consequences of alcohol (More)
Choosing Sobriety
One of the problems of "sober culture" is that it is generally associated with teenagers, those with strong religious beliefs, and people in recovery. It has not typically represented the average woman and man who decide not to drink alcohol for any (More)
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