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Unbalanced: Coping with our "New Normal"
 Who would have ever thought in 2020 that we would be in the middle of a pandemic and everyday life as we know it, would be flipped upside down. Sheltering in place, social distancing, and wearing a mask has become a new normal for not just Amer (More)
Closing the Gap: Gender Disparities in Alcohol Use Disorder and Suicide Rates 
While alcohol use disorders and suicide are topics often avoided due to their sensitivity and difficulty to encapsulate in words, they are everpresent in the lives of millions of Americans. Suicide alone accou (More)
Alcohol Use And Binge Drinking Among Georgia Women
Consumption of past month Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking among women in Georgia Excessive alcohol consumption among women are of special concern to public health. In Georgia, excessive drinking of alcohol results in 2,555 deaths and 79,183 years o (More)
Differences in heavy alcohol consumption and depression among Non-Hispanic Black women compared to Non-Hispanic White women in the United States
Have you ever wondered what the differences in alcohol dependence and depression were among Non-Hispanic black women compared to Non-Hispanic white women?    Well have no fear, Quonesha is here (to inform you)!  More)
Alcohol prevention strategies: Prevention efforts should be different for men and women
Over the past few weeks in class, we've had conversations about alcohol use and risks associated with it. The NIAAA described the health risks associat (More)
To drink or not to drink? That is the question...
    If you had asked me as a child, or even as a young teenager if I ever thought I would drink, my answer would have been “No.” I came from a family of people who out right opposed alcohol due to direct family members on both my mother and (More)
I Didn't Black Out, I Just Got A Little Absinthe-Minded
To have an effective prevention strategy, you must first understand what causes people to engage in such behaviors you’d like to prevent. Knowing why people do what they do is a critical first step in creating meaningful change. As most people can pe (More)
The Consequence of Turning a Blind Eye 
  While there are some general, yet quantifiable, differences between males and females in terms of biology and physiolog (More)
Sober Curious: Are you curious?
Chris Marshall had a rocky past with alcohol. As is written in a recent feature posted on NPR, he drank throughout muc (More)
It's my body and I can drink if I want to: But do they know it may not be a great idea!
Whenever we think of the harmful effects of alcohol, liver cirrhosis is usually the first thing that comes to mind for many people; however, r (More)
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