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The U.S. Healthcare System vs. Japan
What's the DL on the US Healthcare system? The United States is known as the most powerful country in the world according to usnews.com and More)
Beyond K-Pop: A Glimpse at South Korea's Healthcare System
Over the past two decades, South Korean pop culture has grown in promi (More)
Blog 1 - SDG
"We have the power to write the future we want for our country. Don't let anyone tell you differently." - Joe Biden The Sustainable Development Goals are a (More)
Where are the Innovations in Health Care?
Some would say it's a lot easier to invent a new gizmo or gadget than it is to invent a new procedure or medication. You can just try prototypes until a product works. However, with human survival and health on the line, there's an excellent reason f (More)
VR in Public Health
International Education Week (November 16th20th) gives us an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity at Georgia State and highlight the benefits of inter (More)
Measure CDoH: A Targeted Approach for Tackling NCDs
The cost of treat non-communicable diseases (NCD) has always been a struggle for all countires to address. Even recently, the challenge of treating non-communicable diseases continues to grow across the globe, with the global burden of disease increa (More)
Minorities in Mental Health
Although our healthcare system has come a long way, there are still disparities in mental health treatment among racial/ethnic minority populations in the United States. More)
We Must Mean BLM!
The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was created as both a reaction and a response to the inherent racism that Black people have been facing in the United States which we see nowadays as escalated shootings and killings of Black civilians by police (More)
Virtual Reality in Healthcare
If you are like me, probably you have never heard before that virtual reality can be used in the health field. First of all, let’s understand what we mean with virtual reality.   More)
Want a more personalized experience? Try virtual reality!
Want a more personalized experience? Try virtual reality!   Virtual Reality (VR) refers to a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. The application of VR is majorly seen in entertainment, s (More)
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