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(H)Built Environment Description
Visit: September 16, 2016 (Friday) These two images show the exterior of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church on Auburn Avenue. The build (More)
The Tiny Hole at Fairlie and Poplar
Fairlie-Poplar is enclosed intersection in downtown Atlanta, seemingly hidden behind tall buildings and overlooked in favor of busier streets. It took me a while to find the intersection. I walked in circles and passed Fairlie Street many times befor (More)
The Atlanta Beltline as a Built Environment
For my exterior Built Environment study I took a trip to the Atlanta Beltline. The Atlanta Beltline trail I studied is the Eastside Trail. IT stretches from Irwin Street (a block from the Krog Street Market), and runs all the way to Piedmont Park at (More)
A video to better describe the tranquility within Constitutional Lakes Park - Digital Record 4
Constitution Lakes Park Constitution Lakes Park is usually deserted when it's 30 degrees outside. It is quite peaceful to go when your alone and have more time to actua (More)
A Closer Look into Constitution Lakes Park - Exterior Built Environment Description
At first you're lost and have to open up three different types of navigation systems in order to find Constitution Lakes Park. Then just when your circling around for the third time about to give up, you see a sign in front of you that reads "Constit (More)
Constitutional Lakes Park Signage - Digital Record 1
The photo above is a sign for the hikers and pedestrians of the park. This is to catch they're attention to be sure they know not to liter. (More)
A City Divided by Color
If you were to walk down Peachtree Street at night. You would be walking in a well lite area, surrounded my restaurants and businesses filled to capacity. The outside of these places would be vibrantly lit by their signs. All of these colors and li (More)
Atlanta's Gated Getaways: Open to All; Closed to Some
Atlanta's Gated Getaways: Open to All; Closed to Some! Atlanta has some of the most beautiful and relaxing places to ever witness, yet not everyone will be able to experience them all. I have only been in Atlanta for less than a year, and in this (More)
Downtown Connector 75/85 Digital Records
  Under The Overpass (video download) Here is a 19-second AVI video of the underside of the Downtown Connector (75/85). Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of concre (More)
Downtown Connector (Exterior Built Environment Description)
The Downtown Connector (75/85) is an interstate that stretches seven miles from Langford Parkway interchange to Brookwood Interchange; and it was built in the late 40s or early 50s, according to the few sources I could find. It looks like a typical h (More)
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