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Hype Cycle: Where does Tumblr fall?
Gartner's Hype Cycle is a pictorial representation of the life cycle stages that happen in technology. These stages mark the different periods, from conception to maturity and then widespread adoption. "[The] hype cycle’s stages a (More)
Who uses Tumblr?
As of July 2018, Tumblr had 425.7 million active blogs. This number has been on a steady incline since May of 2011, according to Statista.  GENDER According to a 2015 study, 11% of female internet users and 10% of male internet users were (More)
Tumblr vs ?
Created in 2007, Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking site. This website allows users to post different types of media, like videos, music, and GIFs, in a (More)
Featured Guest: Jackie Sackey-El
https://letstalkabouttumblr.home.blog/ Tumblr VS. Twitter A little about myself. I am a GSU student majoring in marketing. With graduation approaching, I am begin (More)
**This video is a basic, user created video on how and why to use Tumblr. It has an interesting part in it that describes how to use HTML and I felt that it could highlight my point of the HTML usage** Tumblr's UX, or User Experience Design,&n (More)
Atlanta's "Best" Hair Salon
Atlanta Magazines best hair salon winner Atlanta Magazine chose a sa (More)
Atlanta's Undiscovered Eats Have an Acquired Taste!
When going taste testing isn't it common to take various types of people to cover the taste buds of various cultures. According (More)
Atlanta's Own Outfitters
Atlanta Magazine claims there is a fashionable style that has been hidden in the depths of the city. Once again, we are given textu (More)
Atlanta Magazine says: Access Not Granted to All!
There are establishments in Atlanta that are out of reach for some people. The headline of this photo states:"Limited access: 4 Exclusive (More)
The Fashion of Atlanta
http://www.atlantamagazine.com/ Upon scrolling down the Atlanta Magazine website, this image is (More)
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