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Art Gallery - Digital Design: Digital Record #5
http://www.thewalkingdead.com/galleries/ The Walking (More)
Comic Strip - Digital Design: Digital Record #4
http://www.thewalkingdead.com/category/comics/ The (More)
The Walking Dead Online Store - Digital Design: Digital Record #3
http://shop.thewalkingdead.com/ The website also c (More)
The Story So Far - Digital Design: Digital Record #2
If you click on the tab "show" and scroll down to "The Story" you can find yourself taken up to speed on what is currentl (More)
Greetings From The Walking Dead - Digital Design: Digital Record #1
    amc. "Greeting From Set: The Walking Dead: Season 5." Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 01┬áJul. 2014. Web. 31 Mar. 2016.TheWalkingDead.com is it's own separate website aside from (More)
Clear Image of Constitutional Lakes Park - Digital Record 5
Constitution lakes is composed of two separate but close lakes. They're both surrounded by boardwalks that help you take a c (More)
A video to better describe the tranquility within Constitutional Lakes Park - Digital Record 4
Constitution Lakes Park Constitution Lakes Park is usually deserted when it's 30 degrees outside. It is quite peaceful to go when your alone and have more time to actua (More)
Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 5
This part of the Georgia State web site is the coolest feature that the site offers. Upon scrolling to the very bottom of the sites home page, you will notice that this is where the schools contact information is located. Above the contact inform (More)
Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 4
One commonly known problem with many online sites is being able to navigate through the site and being able to find where the application link to the business, school, or any other type of organization is. However Georgia State's web site has dis (More)
Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 3
The main opening page of the Georgia State University web site is always up to date with current news article headlines and links to interesting articles about Georgia State and various other topics as well. Scrolling down through the main web si (More)
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