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Hello cruel world!
We are embarking on a bold new project in Fall 2018 -- to create an online companion to our department website that collects the fascinating digital project (More)
Pulling Together to Connect Hoccleve Functionality!
The Hoccleve Project has been overwhelmingly positive for me. From learning more use and in-depth information for JQuery, JSON use, and librar (More)
Learning ensues
My first semester with SIF is starting to come to a close. The search functionality for the Hoccleve Archive is almost done! Siting in the backseat for this project, I've learned a lot about back-end work for the archive. I helped clean up XML files (More)
Flat Rock Update
Flat Rock Archives - Living Room Dr. Glover and I visited (More)
October Update!
October has been quite an exciting month for me. I got to work on various projects listed below. Glass Plate Negative Photo Gallery: The task was to display the glass plate negative photographs from the 1920’s (Remember, we have done photo-stitchi (More)
This is My Broken Cup
It's been a little over a month since I've joined the SIF program, and I've never taken in so much information in such a short time. The Hoccleve Archive project is progressing smoothly. It's made me open my eyes to how inexperienced I am as a pro (More)
Progress with the Hoccleve Project!
With the Student Innovation Fellowship program -  SIF for short - I've been working on the Hoccleve archive and making a lot of progress for adding in a search functionality. While working (More)
My journey continues
Last semester, as a Student Innovation Fellow, the journey was quite exciting and fun because I got to gain practical knowledge rather than the theoretical learning. I worked on 3D Atlanta, Glass plate negative and VR game which was huge learning exp (More)
SIF Program & GSU Humanities Programs Receive National Grant
GSU’s Student Innovation Fellowship program and the departments of English and History have just been awarded a Next Generation Humanities PhD grant from the NEH designed to transform the (More)
After Malcolm Project to Exhibit at National Civil and Human Rights Museum
Figures like Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X are central to the history of the Black Freedom Struggle; however the larger story of African American Islam before, during, and after the Civil Rights Movement remains to be told. The religious tradition of Is (More)
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