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The Diversity Readiness Rubric: Talk the Talk Or Walk the Walk 
The Diversity Readiness Rubric: Talk the Talk Or Walk the Walk    The Diversity Readiness Rubric is a unique guide designed t (More)
Starting Off on the Right Foot: Building Community in Online Learning
After months of waiting and 2,483 miles of driving across the country, November 2nd was finally here. I was about to start a new job during a pandemic. Waiting to join my first Webex meeting at GSU, I took deep breaths and nervously sipped coffee in (More)
Spotlight on Tiffany Green-Abdullah, Manager of Learning Community Development
Meet Tiffany. Her secret powers include super stealth and being in 8 places at once. Ok, not really but she is a super connecter that knows those folks...and those folks...and those folks!      So what does the Learning Community (More)
Design Reflection: Fostering a (More) Socially-Just, Rigorous, and Caring Community in a 130 Student, Fully-Online SOCI 1101 Course
Accolades and Congratulations Dear, dear CETL blog readers: I think that you should all join me in a big round of applause for Dr. Jung Ha Kim. Not only did she just finish teaching her first ever online course, but she also graciously, carefully, a (More)
Staff Innovators Program: The SIPPLE Effect
This spring marks the end of the Staff Innovators Program (SIP). SIP is a rigorous year-long program in design thinking that focuses on human-centered design. I had the great fortune to collaborate on this project with the indefatigable champion of i (More)
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What Coffee Shop Culture Should Be
Coffee shops have gained popularity in the United States quickly over the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century. When coffee shops were first popping up they grew quickly, and as with any trend, they did so without question to what th (More)
How does the environmental design of the quad effect ones behavior in that space?
  Georgia State University, an enterprising urban public research university, is a national (More)
General Outline of the BeltLine in Atlanta
Potential Thesis: How does the design of the Atlanta BeltLine walkway help the community become more engaged? More)
Dec 5: Jazz Ensemble Concert
Monday, December 5, 2016 8:00 p.m. Perimeter College Jazz Ensemble - one of the most accomplished community big bands in the Atlanta area! In addition to enjoying jazz standards and originals composed and arranged by many of the top writer (More)
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