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How to be a Critical Thinker
Effective Studying
We all know college can be a good or a bad experience, depending on how you approach it. One common problem that a handful of college students run in to is how to study. Studying is an art and therefore it takes practice to perfect it. Understanding (More)
How to Relax and De-Stress
We’re almost at the end of the semester and the stress levels are reaching an all-time high. Here are some of the things that I do to relax and de-stress. Read a book: Reading makes me calm as I start going into a different world and stop thinki (More)
A Word on Internet Privacy
I am an avid supporter in Internet privacy. It took having someone stalk me a few years ago for me to understand the importance of my safety that this topic has. Because of this incident, I now can find little when searching myself online and ev (More)
Hey y'all!
My name is Shelby. My dog's name is Bella. I grew up in Georgia. I am in my last year at Georgia State. Me and school have never been best friends, it's actually been quite a struggle if I am being honest. It has taken me almost eight years to get th (More)
8 Things to Do When You're Stressed
It's very easy to get overwhelmed when there are a multitude of things that you're faced with. From school, work, and family, to friendships and even relationships, there's bound to be one or more factors that can cause a great deal of stress. Luckil (More)
How to Stay Productive as a College Student
As college students, we all know that sometimes it may be difficult to stay productive. There are a countless number of distractions that can prevent us from being productive, ranging from scrolling on social media to watching hours of the newest T.V (More)
3 somewhat okay but really helpful tips!
Consistency... You gotta remain FOCUSED or else it'll get tougher than what it has to be. TIME.. This is most important tip *idk why its second though lol* Just schedule in homework in your daily planner. NO BIG DEAL *ye shrug Efficiency. Y (More)
JustThink...Hard Drugs( Blog Post #11)
JustThink, before you decide to partake in certain experiences... Imagine the last breathe you took would be on the night of New Year's Eve. December 31st, 2016 I experienced the lost of a person that helped me through my time in the military. He (More)
To Dr. Crowther's 1102...Thank You!
To be able to feel a sense of calmness in the presence of another individual. Knowing that you can feel at ease and care free when the world is so chaotic. It's feels refreshing and is fulfilling. I cherish those who bring love when they come in the (More)
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