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General Outline for Tabernacle PSR
T. The Tabernacle seems to be fighting to stay relevant and modern. I. Trying to maintain and keep our attention by hosting concerts for artist of our time. II. Modern new buildings look more current and somewhat futuristic with silver and white su (More)
Ethics & SLC
Ethics in design Typography, where is your font coming from? It is not ethical to use trail/downloaded fonts you did not pay for in a professional setting. What rules should we follow to be ethical? Think of what we write from the reader’s p (More)
Notes 11.17.2016
Working on your professional webpage What information do you need and what information do you want? A professional bio Affiliations/employers, schools, professional organizations Resume Link to a social media profile Portfolio V (More)
Notes 9.15.16
Lecture Notes: Preparing for Service Learning Projects
Class Notes 10.13.16
The two main topics we covered in class on Thursday, October 13, 2016, included the "memorandum of understanding" project and the difference between plagiarism and copyright (law).   More)
Class 10.20.16
  Unit 2 readings: The issues they address Persons with disabilities (PWD). Is this piece of work ableist? Who is the “audience”? How wide is this scope? Historically, this has been a narrow frame/historically presumed that this pers (More)
Class Notes 10.27.16
Using space to create meaning. In relation to Ch.6 & 7 of Writer/Designer. A side note: No class on election day, 8 November 2016 (Tuesday) -Relationship between text and image: condensing information in an infographic. Every piece of the i (More)
Class Notes 12/1/16
Good Introductions: Grab the reader's attention: beginning with a question (no rhetorical, common questions), beginning with a quote, beginning with a fascinating statistic Gives an overview of your topic/argument: background information an (More)
Legacies and Revolutions-- Final Review
Back in high school, I was on the yearbook staff for a solid 2 years and it taught me collaboration, work ethic, accountability, and what a deadline is. The reason I bring up this past experience was because the same teachings are present within this (More)
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