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Department of Law Building
This angle of the Judicial building shows an old-time handrail and winter-stricken tree overseeing the entrance. The sunset beautifully complements the noble mood of the building.  Visible (More)
Department of Health Building
The Board of Health building is just around the corner from the State Capitol. This building has the same build and features as most of the other government buildings. This is another gove (More)
Judicial Branch Building
This is the sight directly across the street from the Supreme Court building of Georgia. This is where crucial decisions that affect the state are made including budget crisis decisions, c (More)
Front View of State Capital Building/ Statue
From this front view of the state capitol building, one of the many statues of notable figures of the South's fight in the Civil War. This particular soldier is Maj. Gen. John B. Gordon of (More)
The Georgia State Capitol Complex
This is a picture of the State Capitol building in Downtown Atlanta, GA. John Slemp uses this picture to show the flowers and statue in front of the building. More)
Sign Outside State Capitol Building "Historic Ground"
This sign that stands outside of the state capital building of Georgia details the history of the land. Several people stopped to read it as they walked past the building. It helps visitor (More)
A City Divided by Color
If you were to walk down Peachtree Street at night. You would be walking in a well lite area, surrounded my restaurants and businesses filled to capacity. The outside of these places would be vibrantly lit by their signs. All of these colors and li (More)
Malaria: How Can Changing the Built Environment Reduce Cases? (Annotated Bibliography Number One)
"Malaria: How Can Changing the Built Environment Reduce Cases?" BBC News. BBC, 11 May 2015. Web. This video discusses using the built environment to fight mosquitoes carrying diseases like mala (More)
SCHINDLER, SARAH. Architectural Exclusion (Annotated Bibliography Number Two)
SCHINDLER, SARAH. Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment. Yale Law Journal. Apr2015, Vol. 124 Issue 6, p1934-2024. 91p. Web. In this article Sarah Schindler examines how the built e (More)
Tapestry of Space (Annotated Bibliography Number Three)
NERSESSOVA, IRINA. Tapestry of Space: Domestic Architecture and Underground Communities in Margaret Morton’s Photography of a Forgotten New York. disClosure, 10556133, 2014, Issue 23. Web. In this paper Irina Nersessova reflects on the book "The T (More)
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