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Atlanta's First Major League Baseball
At (More)
First National League Football
On (More)
Atlanta Gazette Newspaper Box
This Atlanta Gazette newspaper box sits outside the City Hall on Mitchell Street. Although there's no date on it, the box appear (More)
U.S. Mail Chute
This U.S. mail chute is located inside the City Hall next to the elevator bank. Clearly part of a larger system, its ends disapp (More)
A Monument to Advancement: Atlanta City Hall
  Atlanta City Hall, 2016 Right across the stre (More)
Henry Grady Statue at the Marietta Street Island
The Marietta Stree (More)
Fairlie-Poplar: The Fireproof District
Fairlie-Poplar Sign If you've ever made the trek to Ad (More)
Pipe Corner Sign
This antique sign, which faintly reads "pipe corner" is located at the corner of Walton and Forsyth Streets and is attached (More)
Barbara Asher Square
Healey Building
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV6moCUyfzo The Healey Building is located at 57 Forsyth Street and features neo-gothic pillars at the stone front of the building. As observed, a horse drawn carriage pulled past the front of the building. Although (More)
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