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Artifact #5: Sound Bite from Ponce City Market
This sound bite was recorded while on Ponce City Market's plaza, on the outskirts of the market, which adjoins to the Eastside trail of the Atlanta Beltlin (More)
Artifact #4: Collier Candy Company

Artifact #3: Ponce City Market Map
Above is a personalized, interactive map of my experience at Ponce City Market. Every pin symbolizes the various locations that my sister, Marie, and I visited. If you click on the multiple pins, explanations of all sites are provided. In re (More)
Artifact #2: Eastside Trail
  [caption id="attachment_417" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Along the Eastside Trail

The photo above displays an (More)
Artifact #1: Retail (Goorin Bros. Hat Shop and Anthropologie)
Display of hats from Goorin Brothers Hat Shop Ponce (More)
Built Environment Description 1: Ponce City Market
Ponce City Market, a mixed-use development, located on Ponce de Leon Avenue, embodies Atlanta's revitalization. With over a mil (More)
Eastside Beltline Trail: BED 1
Walking down the incomplete, gravelly trail that is the northern Eastside Beltline Trail is nothing short of relaxing. On a summer evening, predictably, the air is incredibly hot and humid. Insects are everywhere, most likely biting your skin. The sm (More)
Atlanta Daily World
I nearly missed this important landmark on my trip. A little hole in the wall, the Atlanta Daily World is one of the (More)
Built Environment Description 1: Art on the Eastside Beltline
Map of the Eastside Beltline The Beltline started as a thesis by a Georgia Tech student, later turned into a grassroots political movement, and today serves as a cultural epicen (More)
Built Environment Description 1: Historic Fourth Ward Park: History and Design
Historic Fourth Ward Park, which lies just south of Ponce City Market, was first conceived in 2003 as a means of detaining storm water to prevent flooding in the Old Fourth Ward area. Then, in 2006, when the city established the Atlanta Beltline, Inc (More)
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