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Inspired By Design
So, you know how we're constantly writing about design thinking and course redesign? And how we've also talked to you quite a bit in the past ab (More)
Slow Shutter Speed
ISO- 100 1/4- Shutter Speed 10- Aperture (More)
Center for Civil and Human Rights
One thing that really stuck out to me in the podcast with Calinda Lee is when she said "The work is about remembering, the work is about figuring out how the past is relevant to what is happening right now. " This really made think about things such (More)
Sweet Auburn Avenue: Public History & Memory
In the article from Dr. Hobson,"The King of Atlanta: Martin Luther King Jr. and Public Memory," he has a quote that says "public spaces purportedly transmit notions of what is right and true because they are “authorized by the government” or corporat (More)
Atlanta and the Past
In my many years at Georgia State I have been at war with parking. I somehow always managed to be too late to sign up for any sort of prime parking spot on campus, yet always refused to ever pay for any sort of conventional campus parking on the term (More)
A Tale of Two Creeks
Running a few yards from my last apartment building is a creek. It runs under Scott Blvd, and it is hidden by the green tree canopy. This creek’s name might be Peavine Creek, and it flows into Peachtree Creek. The reason I write “might be” is that th (More)
Brewhouse Cafe: A Spatial Analysis
The Brewhouse Cafe is a restaurant that is in the Little Five Points area in Atlanta, Georgia. It opened over twenty years ago and has been a thriving business ever since. Over the years, Brewhouse has become one of the most popular places in Atlanta (More)
The Paradox of Prideful Shame
In the About South podcast episode, "To Atlanta, with love," Dr. Calinda Lee discussed her ideas of preserving and representing public history, specifically in Atlanta. An important topic she introduced was the sense of guilt descendants of conf (More)
John Wesley Dobbs and “Complete History”
Throughout the semester, different texts and materials beckoned me to explore Atlanta’s involvement with civil and human rights, mostly from the vantage point of the literature surrounding it. My Southern Literature professor prompted her students to (More)
A3C 2018
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