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Georgia State University Mascot of Panther in front of Student Center East
  Panther located at Unity Plaza This is a lif (More)
Group Session- Library
Group Session at the library on 11/30/16 (More)
These are two dif (More)
Liberty Plaza: The Georgia State Seal
The seal of the State of Georgia is an icon that has historically been used to authenticate government documents executed (More)
MLK Memorial Marta Station
Past the Penci (More)
Bulldozer Sign
Nearly tucked into the grass is this sign. It features a picture of a crane, and the phrase "Atlantification." The sign is a diamond and triangular, like one warning about construction areas. I can only infer, but to me, the piece felt like a com (More)
Decatur Street Pedestrian Bridge
A shot of Decatur Street as it passes through Georgia State University. The pedestrian bridge crosses over the busy street (More)
Campus Maps
Spelman University campus map Georgia State University Campus Map Georgia State Univer (More)
Ponce City Halloween
Ponce City Market, perhaps the Beltline's most famous and biggest attraction, was in a festive spirit last week. Fake cobwebs and other iconic Halloween decorations dotted the shopping center. Next to several large tables on the second floor was (More)
A Full Park
This picture may seem rather unremarkable, but it stuck out to me. This was my third trip to the Beltline, a sunny Saturday afternoon. My first two trips took place on a rainy Sunday evening and the middle of a Thursday. Thus every other time tha (More)
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