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Falling through the cracks and Behind closed doors
These two doors at La Perla told both stories, the junta and the disappeared, during the dictatorship of the mid to late 1970's in Argentina. Accordin (More)
Memory park
We were taken to a park by the river that was built in dedication to the disappeared. It is full of artwork and monuments dedicated to the victims of the state terrorism during the 70s and early 80s.  It was a cool, sunny day, and as I walked around, (More)
Here today. Gone tomorrow. Park of memory
this was my favorite exhibit at the parque del memoria.  the video gives me chills. Click this link for the video: More)
HAIKUS FOR AMERICAN COMPLACENCY (read 'American' as 'US' to be more politically correct)
1. "1st world problems" what about washcloths/ tissue in public bathrooms/ or f-cking outlets   2. "Clandestine" detention centers/ secluded like nose pimples/ or 'HOT AND FRESH' signs   3. "Business as usual" (More)
Three sites of memory
  ESMA, el Parque de la Memoria, and el Club Atéltico have more in common than its existence as memorial sites for the disappeared p (More)
True Motherhood in Argentina!
  Madres and Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo have made this white hankerchief a symbol of power, strength, and motherhood across the world. (More)
Outside the cities in Argentina...
  DH (More)
A look through the blindfolds
As a way of to mentally torture victims while also a minting control, most people held captive were blindfolded. The only view many of them ever saw were the the floor. I decided to take some pictures of the floors in the different clandestine center (More)
:Tu Hermana
A cross placed inside of La Perla by one of the victims' sister. This was one of the few things inside the empty room where prisoners were housed. Im so close (More)
Irony at its finest...
We learned through lecture, readings and testimonials that the green Ford Falcon was symbolic, because when the authorities abducted people they were often driving this car. This picture was taken while we were walking to one of the detention centers (More)
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