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An African's journey to adaptation
THE BEGINNING OF THE END    Growing up, I had a wonderful life. Two working stable parents (More)
Welcome to our blog
HUMAN RIGHTS IN ARGENTINA: FROM DICTATORSHIP TO DEMOCRACY (1976-TODAY) Georgia State University Study Abroad Program   Georgia State Univer (More)
first day haiku
first day wide eyed friends wander around the city observe explore think (More)
Arriving on Aerolineas Argentinas
Article in "Alta," the Aerolineas in-flight magazine announcing an agreement between the airline and human rights groups to publish updates of the human rights trials in Argentina. The airline will also help collect phone numbers and addresses for th (More)
not just faces on a wall
Pictures of disappeared people More)
Standing in front of one of the torture chambers inside of La Perla, which is now visible to the public as a means to reflect on the things that (More)
  Can you believe that this mushroom is often used in tea?One Word: Trippy &nb (More)
Words from D2
Yesterday we visited D2, a former police intelligence center used to interrogate and sometimes torture those who were captured. Today, it is a museum dedicated t (More)
Puerta - La Perla
This door is part of an exhibit on display at "La Perla," the infamous torture and exterminatinon center, where more  2,000 people were detained and fewer (More)
Consistent and Opposing Graffiti
  According to a political science lecture in Argentina, Evita, JP's wife, adhered to the concerns of Argentina's people by personally collecti (More)
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