About STEP

This project has 3 main components:

1. Networking events.                                                                                             

An opportunity that facilitates networking between GSU undergraduate students of color and GSU Psychology faculty members. Students will learn about research opportunities on campus, about the application process for graduate programs in psychology, and will have the opportunity to ask graduate students questions about their experiences. 

2. Financial support for undergraduate research.                                            

We understand students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds may not be able to pursue unpaid research experience–which is needed to apply to graduate school. Thus, to offset some of this inequity, small one-time monetary awards of $500 are available to qualifying students to supplement their research experience.

    Who is eligible?
    Current GSU undergraduate students in psychology who:

    • Identify as a member of a racial/ethnic minority group
    • Are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in psychology
    • Are not already receiving campus funding for research
    • Have an established plan for conducting research with a GSU psychology faculty member

3. Database of resources.                                                                                           

This database provides resources that are focused on helping racial/ethnic minority students successfully explore potential careers in psychology, identify doctoral programs of interest, prepare for the application process, apply for fellowships and scholarships, and be successful during the interview process. 

Did you know:

  • Tuition for PhD programs is paid by the university, and most students get a paid assistantship
  • There are fellowships/grants that you can apply for to get financial assistance to support you in graduate school
  • A graduate degree in psychology is one of the most versatile degrees and allows you to work with people across different communities
Questions or want to join the listserv? Email us at STEP@gsu.edu