Future of The Geospatial STEM Academy

Summer 2015 of The Geospatial STEM Academy was a rousing success due to the incredible talent and creativity of its 100 high school students and its dedicated educational staff!  

Academy_websiteWe are grateful for the generous financial support of the Verizon Foundation for funding Summer 2015.  Verizon was unable to provide additional funding for Summer 2016. Also, Dr. Timothy Hawthorne, the Academy’s Founding Director, left Georgia State University in August 2015 to take a new position at the University of Central Florida in the Department of Sociology and in UCF’s GIS research cluster initiative.  With these changes in funding and personnel, the Academy will not be offered in Atlanta in Summer 2016.  

However, Dr. Hawthorne is working with colleagues across the country, including those in Atlanta and GSU to bring the Academy back to Atlanta in Summer 2017 as part of a planned nationwide expansion to ten cities. A new funding partner wil be identified and named soon.  For continued updates about The Geospatial STEM Academy, please visit the Academy’s new website at: http://www.citizensciencegis.org/geospatial-stem-academy/.  For more specific inquiries about the program, please contact Dr. Timothy Hawthorne at timothy.hawthorne@ucf.edu. Thank you for your continued interest in and support of our talented youth as they prepare for future careers in the growing geospatial technology career field.  We’re looking forward to the Academy’s future!!

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