Our lab works to foster a warm and collaborative environment for undergraduate students to gain research experience. Volunteering in a lab can be an excellent way to learn more about what it is like to conduct research while also gaining new skills! Prior research experience is not required to join our lab as an undergraduate research assistant. We look for students who are open-minded, curious, and interested in working as part of a team.

To apply to be a research assistant in our lab, please complete this brief survey

We have answered some commonly asked questions below – but also encourage you to reach out to Dr. Stappenbeck or any current graduate students if you want more information or have any additional questions.  

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Research Assistant

How do I apply to be a research assistant?
Students who are part of the University Assistant Program should follow the process outlined by the university. Individuals not part of that program can reach out to our lab directly with any questions and also should complete this brief survey so that we can follow-up with you about your interest in our lab. Potential research assistants are interviewed prior to the semester or in the beginning of the semester.

What am I responsible for as a research assistant?
Research assistants will be involved in different tasks based on the type of projects we have going on in the lab. Research assistants will participate in weekly lab meetings, contribute to research projects and data collection.

How much time do I have to commit as a research assistant?
There is no strict weekly time commitment required for research assistants. It will vary based on the student’s goals, whether the student is seeking course credit and how many credits. We do, however, ask that you make a 2 semester commitment. 

Can I receive course credit for volunteering in this lab?
Yes, students can receive course credit for volunteering in this lab.

Do you have a minimum GPA requirement to apply?
No, we do not enforce a strict GPA cut-off to join our lab. We do not believe that a GPA fully captures a students’ potential or capacity to engage in research. We only require that you are interested in learning and contributing to our team!

Can I volunteer for this lab if I’m not a student at GSU?
Yes! We welcome volunteers from local colleges and universities as well as individuals who have already graduated from college and are looking to gain more research experience.