Political Ad

Incumbent Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson (Republican) debuted this ad in August of this year for his reelection campaign against challenges Jim Barksdale (Democrat) and Allen Buckley (Libertarian). The ad centers on testimony from a mother whose daughter was killed while working Africa whom Isakson contacted personally and worked closely with her mother. She even states that despite being a democrat, she is blessed to Isakson as her Senator, endorsing his reelection.

The ad targets two demographics that Republicans traditionally struggled with, especially in the year of Trump: women and democrats. As the Trump campaign has disgusted and turned off women throughout this election cycle, down-ballot candidates have scrambled to court them. In this ad, Isakson utilizes the sense of motherhood to demonstrate to women that they can trust him, much like the grieving mother in the video. Though simple, it is probably an effective ad because Isakson specifically targets white suburban women, a block that republicans┬árely on but has weakened due to Trump. Since few people closely scrutinize their Senators’ records, this ad likely reinforces notions of Isakson and protects the simple trust that should reelect him.

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