Hey y’all!

My name is Shelby. My dog’s name is Bella. I grew up in Georgia. I am in my last year at Georgia State. Me and school have never been best friends, it’s actually been quite a struggle if I am being honest. It has taken me almost eight years to get through school from changing majors to way too many life events (a few close loved ones’ deaths, moving more than I should speak about, cutting off an engagement, you name it.) to trying to overcome disabilities and anxiety to working full-time this entire schooling (retail management), you name it. Ha. Again, its been a struggle. 

But here we are! Last year. I’m definitely saying hallelujah to my Jesus for making it this far. 

Anyways, back to me… I am an exercise science major. I love  fitness, nutrition, the human body, science, healthcare… okay I’m rambling now but you get the point. I love understanding form and function so exercise science felt like a good opportunity for doors to be opened to that post-college. As of now my goal is either to become a nutritionist or an occupational therapist. However, that depends on a lot. I am focused on getting through the last of my bachelors degree for the time being. 

So, outside of posts and assignments for this class (LT2010), I hope to fill this blog with adventures I take with my dog (me + her = The Belles, as I like to call us), fun moments in my life, and just sharing my unique story. We all have a story… what’s yours?



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