Notes on reading annotations

Some of the take away points from RA2 were:

  1. situated practice in writing is learned, and uses patterns that we can recognize to accommodate our needs
  2. Discourse in writing is useful because it allows understanding from the audience
  3. Capitalism has played a role in tech writing

Some take away point from RA1:

  1. form is important when teaching tech writing
  2. user needs, have to be taken into consideration
  3. businesses should start focusing on the audience if it wants more traffic

Pedogogy main points:

  1. situated practices are shaped by cultures and in return shapes cultures
  2. Literature is autonomous
  3. Comparative rhetoric, thinking about we use language, produce meaning

Content Management main points:

  1. tech communication is about interdisciplnary ways of collaboration
  2. Focusing on audience need, and having CMS reflect user needs
  3. Finding new ways to make tech writing more adaptable to our needs, as technology advances

Notes on other articles:

thinking about strategies of tech communication: interdisciplinary collaboration, rhetoric,

Genres, how to communicate to fit needs of audience, its a rhetorical construct

audiences change overtime


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