Interior Site:Welcome to the Zoo

The moment you see this sight in Atlanta you know where your at, the Atlanta zoo. A place visited by people of all ages, from the young to the elderly. You see families, friends, schools, sweethearts, and loners enjoying everything the zoo has to offer.The first animal you see when you step into the zoo are flamingos. About 10 or more feet away is a concession stand ( one of many) selling buttery popcorn and tasty cotton candy.

The place is pretty easy to navigate with winding pavement paths and if you get find the nearest map ,which is very easy to understand. The zoo also has these really tale trees closed together all around the and of the winding paths providing plenty of shaded areas while also not blocking a clear view of the sky.  The zoo has a lot of open space which makes since they want flexible space that that accommodate fictional needs of different activities. Also the gorillas enclosure space is designed in a way that you really don’t hear any noise from the gorilla since their either to far way or behind some thick glass. Which is the case with most of the animals, that’s not to say the zoo is quiet, oh no the air is filled with the chirping of birds. If you go to the petting zoo area it’s filled with the bah of sheep’s. Helpful tip they do not like to be pet near their face. Near the Zebra and Elephant enclosure is the Lion enclosure, where you can see the three bachelors hanging out together, who are brothers by the way.