Exterior Site: Atlanta Zoo in The Jungle

zoo-atlantaThe moment you see the Atlanta zoo you feel like your about to enter the Jungle, a jungle in the middle of a city. In the front is a bunch of potted plants and tree shrubs all around. Their is a wooden archway that with vines on it, there’s two entrance doorways with security guards and admissions attendants.  The ticket attendant is there to sell and check tickets that gives you permission to enter the zoo, while the security guard is their to make you are carrying no weapons that could pose dangerous to other people in the zoo. There’s also a sign attached to the front of the wooden archway with the words Atlanta zoo in white which stands out against it’s first green background. Looking around you’ll see mostly  2 or more people entering the zoo together and I believe the main purpose of the zoo encourages this. Because even though the zoo has attractions you can enjoy on you own the main attraction is being able to view the amazing wild animals which is more enjoyable when your sharing the experience with another.  There’s also two buildings on beachside of the entrance with teal color roofs facing each other allowing you a clear few of trees in the background. The zoo has a very spacious design (open space) shown in the gaps they leave between each architectural structure because they want visitor to be able to to take in as much of the zoo as possible.