Annotated Bibliography 4: Perception of Available space During Chimpanzee Introductions

Herrelko, Elizabeth S., Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith, and Sarah-Jane Vick. “Perception Of Available Space During Chimpanzee Introductions: Number Of Accessible Areas Is More Important Than Enclosure Size.” Zoo Biology 34.5 (2015): 397-405. PsycINFO. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

The article is about the importance of being able to restrict animals in different places in their enclosure in Animal Management practices. This restriction  causes a decrease in available space, which limits the animals activities and effect their social dynamic. A study of the behavioral, welfare-related responses of two groups of housed chimpanzees proved the importance of providing modular enclosure that provide choice and flexible usage. The study showed that arousal related scratching and yawning decreased as the number of enclosure ares increased. The decrease in arousal related yawning and scratching  shows the the number available areas in the enclosure is more important then the total amount of space .

One of the important elements of animal management is safely being able to move animals between enclosure areas so they can care for the animals needs. Husbandry requirements may temporarily limit the animals to off-exhibit ares for things like: cleaning, maintenance, or animal introductions.

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