Annotated Bibliography 3: Fox Theater

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Mckaughan John. “Fox Theater”. New Georgia Encyclopedia. 21 August 2013.Web. 05 February 2016.

 This article is by John Mckaughan who describes the “fabulous Fox theater” from its appearance on the outside to its beauty on the inside, and it’s history. The fox theater is located at Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta, GA with arched doorways, minarets, and domes make gives it the illusion of a cluster of buildings. Also a 140 foot entrance that resembles a magic Arabian carpet. Inside is a 65,000 square-foot that is design to resemble a weathered desert tent. The Fox theater has a fake sky that resembles the night sky, with illuminated stars, and projected on clouds.

The Fox theater dominated the performance arts since the great depression. It also had a lot famous perform there like the Atlanta Opera, Mick Jagger, Gypsy Rose Lee and many others. Also it’s home to the Atlanta Ballet, which is the oldest professional company in the United States. The article main point is to describe a historical site that is known for the amazing performances that have and it’s beautiful design. The Arthur of this article does not appear to be bias after all the audience view of the Fox Theater does not benefit him, it just appears to be a informative story.

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