Annotated Bibliography 2: Coca-Cola Annex



National Park Service. ” Coca-Cola Building Annex”. A National register of Historic places Travel Itinerary. website. Feb 5 2016.

The article is about the historical building on 187 Edgewood Avenue the Coca cola Annex.  A privately owned business not open to the public. Built in 1903 and was home to the New Coca Cola Chewing Gum company. During that time Coca cola tried to sell a diverse line of products. Like gum, cigars , and candy. However the gum was not successful like their soft drink products so it was dropped.

The building is the Annex to the Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling plant company, Atlanta’s Coca cola bottling headquarter. Nowadays the annex is used for housing homeless HIV positive and Aids patients that are receiving outpatient treatment at Grady hospital.

This article helps readers better understand a historical site in Atlanta which is important even today and is useful to society especially to the homeless population.  The reason I choose this site was because it was one of the more detail sites I could find that talked about the Coca-Cola Annex. There is a chance that the source for this article might not be credible.

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