Annotated Bibliography 1: Grady Hospital


 Arthur Kellermann. “Saving Grady: Reflection on Kate Neuhausen’s Narrative Matters Essay”. website. copyright 1995-2016. Feb 5 2016.

      The article by Kellermann talks about how many of our nations public hospitals such as DC General and New Orleans Charity Hospital have closed. When the Grady Hospital appeared on the New York times people begin to assume is was about to close, and it almost did. The hospital was saved at the last minute by Dr. Kate Neuhausen’s and leaders of student organizations. If the hospital had closed it would have been felt by citizens all over Georgia.

Citizens would have lost over 900 inpatient beds and Grady’s specialized traumatized and burn services. The main point of this articles is that Grady hospital is important to the citizens of Georgia because thousands of people depend on it . Which is also who this article is written for the citizens of Georgia who would be affected by the closing of Grady Hospital. Grady is located near the Coca-Cola annex where many of the homeless population with aids have taken resident so you see a lot of homeless people at Grady.  The Arthur of the article clearly supports Kate’s action and so the audience hear a lot about why it shouldn’t close but not about why it was closing.

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