Unit 2 Assignment 3

You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history term paper.
Tool: Online presentation tools such as Prezi
Reason: Will allow for effective presentation on an online platform for others to see

Collect online resources for a study guide.
Tool: Collaborative tool such as google docs
Reason: Multiple people can collaborate and contribute to a google doc at the same time.

Create interactive tour of Berlin.
Tool: Video sharing tool such as youtube.
Reason: Such a tour would require a video, which can be uploaded for free and accessed by anyone on a site such as Youtube.

Collaborative research project.
Tool: Google drive in general
Reason: Not limited to docs, google drive provides a large array of useful tools such as google slides, google sheets, etc. All of these are capable of creating single files that are accessible by many people at the same time.


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