Annotated Bibliography 9 – Millennials Changing the City Forever

Felder, Ben. “Cover Story: Millennials Are Changing the City Forever | Oklahoma Gazette.” Oklahoma Gazette. N.p., 7 Jan. 2015. Web. 27 Apr. 2016.


This article written for the Oklahoma Gazette discusses the attraction Millennials have on residing and moving to city environments. This source is mainly biased about Millennials moving into the city of Oklahoma but still offer great factual evidence of attraction pertaining to city areas and Millennials. Ben Felder, the author of this article provides insight on how the growth of Millennials results in a need to adapt city services to a new era of technology and collaboration. Important built environment aspects of the city are also discussed by stating that beyond technology and transit, young adults also have high expectations when it comes to cultural activities such as music, art, and theater. This source provides information on how Millennials are attracted to the city life and how the atmospheric environment of cities are now being altered to accustom the interests of this generation. While the article is biased to the city effects of Oklahoma, the information provided is still applicable to all other major cities especially the city of Atlanta as well.

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