Annotated Bibliography 8 – Millennials Want a Piece of This Action

Green, Josh. “Cobb Official: Millennials Want a Piece of This Action.” Curbed Atlanta. N.p., 2 Feb. 2016. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.


The premise of this article written by Josh Green revolves around the increased popularity within Millennials to find employment around the outskirts and within the city of Atlanta. Major importance throughout this piece is given to roads and transit options that are now available for people residing in outer areas within Georgia to commute and easily access the city. Green also notes that because of Atlanta’s growing population of economic boom and exterior built environment, many Millennials are concentrating around the Atlanta area and moving away from the suburban family atmosphere. This article also discusses the ongoing discussion of creating alternative transit for Millennials traveling into the city for employment from greater Atlanta areas. This source provides factual evidence to support claims of revamping the transit system for the increased relocation of Millennials and offers imagery to assist readers visually absorb the information presented. This source provides evidence on the growing Millennial population and the effects it has on the exterior built environment of Atlanta portrayed throughout Atlanta’s transit system.

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