Annotated Bibliography 3

Felson, Alexander J., et al. “Mapping The Design Process For Urban Ecology Researchers.” Bioscience 63.11 (2013): 854-865. Environment Complete. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

Throughout this article we gain an in depth understanding on how designers, engineers, and planners rely on scientific information that they, along with environmental consultants and scientists have adapted to the design process of urban environments. The environmental consultants are there to provide expertise on regulatory concerns as well as ecological input for the projected urban design projects. There is a series of design processes these consultants go through to design ecological and efficient urban architectural projects such as the first design process phase which include negotiations that determine the project team, time frame, program, and method of payments for these individual projects. Within the making of these urban designs, environmental consultants are invited to review the design and to share feedback and advice on how to reduce environmental impacts and related concerns. The ecological researchers are strategically placed in the involvement of urban design so that the end result of the urban project with the client and contractors lines up toward establishing viable research with the built environment and ecosystem.  

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